Our Vision

Our vision for Rockwater Village is to create a neighborhood on a human scale. That means streets are constructed for slower speeds, buildings are placed closer together, and exteriors are designed to be safe and attractive for pedestrians. Relaxing on the water is a way of life with the Rockwater Marina just steps away.

It’s a neighborhood where walking is the norm – 
and it’s easy and safe to do no matter if you’re walking across the street to borrow some sugar or you’re walking over to the local café. Rockwater Village was designed following the principles of a Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND), meaning life here is walkable and sustainable.

our vision

Our neighborhood has been designed in accordance with the same successful principles used by the designers of Seaside, Florida, the Villages of Hendrix and many other beautiful Southern classic neighborhoods. Rockwater Village is served by a network of paths, streets and lanes suitable for pedestrians as well as vehicles. In fact, you’ll find that walking and biking to where you want to go will be the easiest it’s ever been. In the design of the neighborhood, we considered the nearby trolley, bike path and available public transportation to make commutes easier for our residents.

Creating green space is a priority for any TND, and it is especially important at Rockwater Village. We’ve taken every measure to immerse our residents in the beauty of the Arkansas River and the nature around it. Beauty is all around you, and the opportunity to make lasting memories with friends and family is all along the way.

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Rockwater Marina

Rockwater Marina offers 64 slips - 32 for long term rental and 32 for transients boaters - just minutes from downtown attractions and dining.

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