Regina Seelinger

Since we’ve moved to Rockwater, we tend to stay outside a lot more often. We bought a new TV for our new home and we hardly watch it.

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Brad Martin

I really didn't used to bike much. It's really great to be able to wake up and ride for half hour or 45 minutes before work. That was unthinkable before we moved here.

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Mat Seelinger

There’s so much to do here. Whether we’re on the water, whether we’re on our bikes, whether we’re walking…there’s so much to do. We never find ourselves thinking about what we’re going to do next. 

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Katie Clifford

When I saw the opportunity to live downtown and still live near the water I couldn’t pass it up. I love being near the water for the view and the relaxing atmosphere.

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Melissa Martin

We love our porch and the space we've created on our porch. We have our neighbors over often and we watch the sunset every night.

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