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Town Founders

Arkansas natives Jim Jackson and Lisa Ferrell are the developers of Rockwater Village. Both share a passion to create a community rooted in Arkansas history that will become the beloved historic district of the 22nd century.

Parents to three young children when Rockwater first took shape, Jim and Lisa were looking for a way to create a neighborhood where generations could come together. With three generations in Lisa’s family living in the Little Rock area, it was important to create an opportunity where their children could create a special bond with their grandparents by living “just down the street.” It was this desire that spurred the concept of Rockwater Village. With their background of community activism and historic preservation, Jim and Lisa began putting together their vision.

Rockwater Village is also the vision of more than 200 people who live, work, play in, and care about Central Arkansas. Early in the process, Lisa and Jim held a week-long public meeting, inviting neighbors, city officials, environmentalists, architects, landscape designers, and many others to express their opinions on what kind of neighborhood Rockwater Village should be. Much of the development’s vision came from these meetings.

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Both Lisa and Jim play active roles in the revitalization of the nearby River Market district in Little Rock – and now North Little Rock’s river community. They are dedicated to furthering the vision for both areas and creating spaces for Arkansans of all ages to enjoy. As stewards of the most unique parcel of riverfront property in central Arkansas, Lisa and Jim have made the commitment to create a lasting legacy for future generations.

The two have traveled the country, visiting other traditional neighborhood developments for ideas to bring to Rockwater Village. Through their travels, they have experienced neighborhood after neighborhood where people of all ages live within walking distance of each other. Young people just starting out, single adults, families with children and empty nesters are all drawn to the beautiful architecture, different home styles and sense of community these TNDs offer. Although many aspects of Rockwater Village have been modeled after successful TNDs across the country (places such as Seaside in Florida and Harbor Town in Memphis), the neighborhood is its own unique place steeped in beauty, tradition and community.

“When you come here and walk along the river and envision the prosperous community this will be, you quickly realize what a truly special place this is. It’s full of history and timeless beauty. The river brings a peace to this land that is hard to find anywhere else.”

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