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Frequently Asked Questions

How are the houses themselves different in a Traditional Neighborhood Development?

All homes in a TND are designed to encourage community and comfort, using the best of classical forms with the latest in modern living. Architecturally, the first thing you’ll notice is the beauty and care put into designing and building the homes. You’ll see lots of front porches with garages in the back – making it easy to stop by and visit with your neighbors.

Besides front porches, what are other ways that the homes help build a true sense of community?

Rockwater Village homes are generally designed with a different sense of balance and proportion – designed to a more human scale. Sometimes they’re smaller, but not necessarily. Generally, they’re closer to the street, which facilitates more connection between the porch, the yard and the sidewalk. TND homes are designed for visiting with neighbors on the porch, rather than bunkering down in front of the TV or computer.

Getting to know my neighbors sounds really nice, but what if there are times we need our privacy?

These homes are designed to give their owners plenty of privacy, too. It’s done with careful attention to detail in terms of floor plans, elevations and even the placement of windows. After all, we know you can’t spend all your time visiting on the porch.

How do sidewalks and narrow streets make a difference?

Most suburban or rural subdivisions are designed for driving, not for walking. Wide streets with few curves lead to high-speed driving; they’re less than ideal for pedestrians or children on bicycles. In some subdivisions, there are no sidewalks. Neighbors don’t stop to chat on porches and sidewalks, creating a void for neighborly interaction. In the words of one writer, “Sidewalks – those evenly spaced concrete blocks – stitch a town into a neighborhood.

How do the commercial developments fit in with the ease of the neighborhood?

Rockwater Marina features a small store and cafe designed to offer the daily basics and serve the needs of the residents. A place to gather with friends is just a step away.

How does the neighborhood affect the environment?

One of the best aspects of Rockwater Village is that this neighborhood has reclaimed river frontage forgotten by time. We are preserving this beautiful land for natural habitats and clean, easy living. By encouraging less driving and more walking or biking, Rockwater Village residents will save fuel and reduce pollution. The natural environment of this land is taken into every consideration of the development.

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