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Lake David D. Terry

Lake David D. Terry is one of 12 stunning lakes that line the Arkansas River, a vital waterway that traverses four states. With its picturesque landscapes and abundant recreational opportunities, Lake David D. Terry adds immense value to this collection of Arkansas River lakes.

Stretching 310 miles within Arkansas, this network of lakes includes Lake Mills, Lake Hardin, Lake Sanders, Lake Maynard, Lake David D. Terry, Lake Murray, Lake Toad Suck, Lake Ormond, Lake Dardanelle, Lake Ozark, and Lake Trimble.

Lake David D. Terry, named in honor of the esteemed lawyer and politician David Dickson Terry, holds a significant place in Arkansas's history. Terry, who served as a U.S. Representative and later became director of the Division of Flood Control Water and Soil Conservation, dedicated his life to the development and preservation of Arkansas's resources. His vision was realized when the construction of Dardanelle Lock and Dam, which spans the Arkansas River, began in the 1960s. Upon its completion, the lake was named in his honor.

The construction of Lake David D. Terry Lock and Dam, also known as "Pool 6" along the Arkansas River, was a remarkable feat accomplished by the US Army Corps of Engineers as part of the McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation project. Completed in 1971, this project transformed the once wild and unpredictable river into a series of serene reservoirs. The 12 dams erected along the Arkansas River tamed its temperament, putting an end to frequent flooding and providing stability to the surrounding regions.

Nestled on the shores of Lake David D. Terry, Rockwater Village and Marina offers a prime location within the network of Arkansas River lakes. Spanning an impressive 4,707 acres, approximately a 17-mile stretch, in Pulaski County, Ark., this lake boasts breathtaking beauty and a plethora of recreational opportunities for residents and visitors alike.

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