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Rockwater Meets and Exceeds the 11 Signs of Hometown Civic Success

Here at Rockwater, we value civic success and development, and want to highlight how Rockwater embodies the signs of civic success as discussed in James and Deborah Fallows 2018 book, "Our Towns." We are excited to feature our community members and all the important work they do to make our neighborhood an 11. Rockwater and its neighbors make Rockwater a Civic Success and create a high-quality lifestyle!

"1. People work together on practical local possibilities, rather than allowing bitter disagreements about national politics keep them apart."

Rockwater residents work together on so many outstanding community events. The developers and residents of Rockwater organize a breakfast each year at Rockwater Marina to honor and remember our first responders on 9/11. On this day, the neighborhood comes together to reflect on the bravery and selflessness displayed by our first responders and express our deep appreciation for their unwavering dedication to our community's safety.

First Responders Breakfast

First Responders Appreciation Breakfast

Jim at KNLRB River Clean

Rockwater Neighbor Brad Martin and Rockwater Developer, Jim Jackson pick up trash along the River.

Rockwater Residents also take part in an annual river cleanup project called Keep North Little Rock Beautiful where neighbors join together to walk the river bank and pick up litter that has washed ashore. The Rockwater community gives back to the city, improves the local environment, and works to keep our river clean.

By engaging in key points of connection such as these, regardless of political affiliation or creed, Rockwater residents show that they are quick to rally behind a cause they believe in for their community in Central Arkansas.

"2. You can pick out the 'local patriots': i.e. the folks who make a town go."

All our Rockwater Residents are community patriots. This week, we highlight three of our Rockwater patriots but are thankful for each and everyone of our neighbors.

Meredith Brewer

Meredith Brewer, a dedicated resident of Rockwater, organized this year's neighborhood's beloved Christmas luminary tradition. In addition to being a warm Christmas celebration, Rockwater also collects canned goods for a local foodbank. This Christmas, the numbers behind the commitment include 700 luminaries, 265 canned goods, 22 volunteers, 8 wagons, and 1 roaring firepit! Meredith's commitment and attention to detail have made this year's cherished tradition a success that brings joy and warmth to the entire Rockwater community.

RWV Luminaries Neighbors Volunteering to Set Up

Rockwater residents volunteering to set out luminaries.

John and Lorraine Owens at Rockwater

John and Lorraine Owens, two very dedicated Residents.

John Owens

John Owens has earned the title of the "Mayor of the Residences at Rockwater." John and his wife Lorraine Owens are prime examples of what it means to be a 'local patriot.' It's good people like John and Lorraine that make a town go.

John has always been a supporter of local business and a leader in North Little Rock. Born in North Little Rock, John loves our city and Central Arkansas. In his career, John worked tirelessly to strengthen our town as the President of the North Little Rock Chamber of Commerce. In retirement, John continued to support the community as President of the Residences at Rockwater HOA.

John recently completed his tour of duty as President of the the HOA but we know he will continue to make a difference in Rockwater for years to come. We love having John and Lorraine in Rockwater and thank them for their many years of support to our neighborhood and local community!

Scholl Flowers 2

Katherine Scholl

Katherine Scholl brings beauty to Rockwater with her beautiful garden. Her flowers are a gift to the neighborhood. Katherine's passion for gardening makes the neighborhood feel all the more special. We're all about the details at Rockwater, and in Katherine's garden, no stone goes unturned.

We can't wait to tell you more about how Rockwater is checking the boxes for civic success!

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