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Rockwater: Visions vs Accomplishments

The Rockwater Founders envisioned a neighborhood where different generations of families in every stage of life could live near one another--a re-creation of cherished small towns where everyone lives within a few walking blocks and visits with each other on their Front Porches.

Enjoy revisiting the vision and seeing the accomplishments. So much more is yet to come!

Neighborhood Entrance

The intersection at the front of Rockwater was a confusing array of streets and had the highest number of accidents in Central Arkansas. The Rockwater Team of engineers and architects, and working alongside the City of North Little Rock, Metroplan, the State and Federal Highway Departments, designed the Roundabout, creating a unique entry to the neighborhood and removing the dangers of the intersection. The roundabout design allows for future growth of the surrounding areas.


Round a bout Illustration Rockwater Village


After Roundabout Rockwater Village

Resorts at Rockwater

The original community vision included offering multiple types of housing so different people in different life stages and different generations could all enjoy the lifestyle Rockwater has to offer. Grandparents can live near grandchildren, and those starting out can live near their parents. The rendering on the left originated from those community sessions. On the right, the Resorts at Rockwater is under construction.


Entrance Rendering Resorts at Rockwater


Resort at Rockwater

Chimney Preservation

All along, the Founders knew the Vestal Chimney was something special and worked with the City to preserve it so it could be a focal point of the neighborhood. The original vision of a tree-lined street of classic architectural homes with the Vestal Chimney at the center has been achieved! The Vestal Chimney also serves to slow traffic through the neighborhood. To learn more about the History of the Vestal Nursery, click here.


Rendering of Rockwater Blvd


Vestal Chimney at Rockwater Village


Rockwater Village and Marina has transformed the Arkansas Riverfront.


Rockwater Riverfront Rendering


Rockwater Village Riverview


The Arkansas River Trail thrives with community and people at Rockwater.


Rendering of Rockwater River Trail


River Bike Trail Final

Porches at Rockwater

Traditional Neighborhood Design often incorporates close-knit pocket-neighborhoods. The New Town St. Charles pocket-neighborhood on the left caught the city leaders' tour groups attention. The Porches is Rockwater’s very own pocket-neighborhood with common greens and details reflecting its connection to the river, including a flowing serpentine central walkway using the same material as the marina tiles. These details emphasize the tie between all of Rockwater and its front porch and playground–Rockwater Marina and the Arkansas River.


New Town St Charles Pocket Neighborhood


Porches Center View Final

Different Sizes

TNDs incorporate different sizes and styles of living, such as quadplexes, townhomes, and condos, to meet everyone's needs. While not built by the Founders of Rockwater, these neighborhood buildings incorporate those housing options into Rockwater.


Promenade at New Town Saint Charles


310 Parker Townhome


TNDs incorporate natural elements into the neighborhood. This small dock at I'On encouraged the Founders to think of ways that Rockwater Neighbors could experience the River. Rockwater Marina enables not only Rockwater neighbors to be on the water but others can enjoy the River through boating, yoga classes on the water, events, and community gatherings.


Ion Water Feature Inspo


Rockwater Marina Final 2

The Works

TNDs also include commercial spaces. Rockwater Founders converted an old building used for truck repair and now six new businesses call the Works at Rockwater their home.


The Works Before


The Works After

Housing for All

The Founders original vision was to create quality, architecturally beautiful housing for all. They have worked with the City of North Little Rock and Habitat for Humanity to bring 23 new Rockwater style homes to low to moderate income families in the adjoining Baring Cross neighborhood. By donating land, time and financial contributions, the Founders have ensured that 23 new families can have a home of their own that would have been out of reach for them.

Habitat for Humanity has begun construction on the first of 10 beautiful Baring Cross Homes. These homes will be owner occupied. The architect, Jess Peterson of Willams and Dean Architects, designed this gorgeous Rockwater style home for Habitat pro bono. Families will enjoy aesthetically pleasing quality homes that they own and can pass down creating intergenerational wealth.

Baring Cross Home Rendering

If you would like to join the Rockwater Village vision as a resident, builder, or business, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Thank you for all your help in achieving the Rockwater Village Vision.

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