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Rockwater: Visions vs Accomplishments

The Rockwater Founders envisioned a neighborhood where different generations of families in every stage of life could live near one another--a re-creation of cherished small towns where everyone lives within a few walking blocks and visits with each other on their Front Porches.

The Rockwater Vision

Arkansas natives Lisa Ferrell and Jim Jackson, the developers of Rockwater Village, both share a passion to create a community rooted in Arkansas history that will become the beloved historic district of the 22nd century.

Blenhiem Mews: A Little Bit of Winston and a Lot of Love in the Gardens

The details of everyday living don't have to be mundane. The design of Rockwater contains hidden joys, memories, and fun in lots of ways. Street names are one way the founders of Rockwater create a sense of place and honor those who have meant so much.

Rockwater – It’s in the Details, too.

Rockwater Village was designed to be more than just an ordinary neighborhood. The beauty of the homes, the neighborhood, and the location on the water are the first thing everyone sees, but there’s also more to Rockwater in the details. A few of the gems hidden in plain site can be found below. Details like these may require more planning and additional expense, but the extra effort is part of the unique difference that makes Rockwater more than a real estate development. We are truly a one-of-a-kind neighborhood.

A Street Made of Red Thread

A Chinese Proverb, French Friends, Celtic Strength, and Two Awesome Women create Nanterre Street in the Gardens at Rockwater.

In naming the streets of Rockwater Village, the founders, Jim Jackson and Lisa Ferrell, sought to honor and remember people they love. In doing so, they added meaning to things frequently taken for granted, such as home addresses.

Building the Future While Honoring the Past

We all have a family history—a past of great grandparents, a long-ago home country, events that shaped our families trajectory. Land has a history too. At Rockwater, we strive to build the future while honoring the past.

Rockwater Village

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